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Members Writings

by Trey Ward, Cheif Bard

I'm at the edge of infinity

Where earth, sea, and sky meet

The Sun climbs higher, firing my head

The powdered, white earth fires my feet

I find my home near water's edge

Sit, breathe, look within

The perfect time, the perfect place

To plug into the earth again

Eyes close to the world

But now more can be seen

As I face the breathing ocean

And its life glows green

Energy from all around

Begins surging and exploding

I sing my body electric

With my senses overloading


See the gull, the dove, the crane

See them soar

See them dive

See them climbs the clouds again


Smell the salt as it ascends

Inhale the airy spray

Take in the green wind


Taste the tangy tropical bite of the Sun

Taste tempting tartared shrimp on a po'boy bun


Watery wind whipping wildly

Sun scortching sensitive skin

Grainy ground grinding under foot


Oh hear, poet!

Hear the pipes of Pan playing!

Hear the light laughter of Lugh!

Hear the flapping of The Morrigan's wings!

Hear the salty breathing of Mannanan!

And Oh! Hear Brighid sing!

Hear her!

See her.

Smell her.

Feel her...

Taste her......

Patron of the poets

Fair face flung in fiery hair

She leans close to me

Heart thundering

Breath blowing

I gain her Awen kiss!

And for one electic second

I AM!!!

Then somewhere calls my name

Then sometime grabs my feet

Then something pulls me back

Then someone is there to meet

I'm back at the water's edge

Where earth, sea, and sky meet

But now just clouds over my head

Now just sand beneath my feet

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