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Members Writings

A poem by Trey Ward, Cheif Bard

I planted a seed where only I know

I gave it water so that it would grow

Air to breathe and soil to nourish

And all the sunlight it would need to flourish

I had done all I needed without a doubt

So I sat myself down to watch my seed sprout

A day passed, then a week, then a month and a year

And I felt my spine give a shudder of fear

My care was in vain and my efforts inept

And I’ve been a fool for the hope that I’ve kept.

For this dream that I’ve had was all in my head

And the seed that I planted lies in the ground dead.

I lay in dust and despair by my garden of folly

And upon me the earth unleashed a volley

Thorns tore my hands, rain stung my face,

The Sun scorched my skin, the wind howled disgrace.

As I fell onto stone, time seemed to slow,

And my limp, broken body was lost in the snow.

Then my ears caught a sound that broke through my shame.

A voice piercing my heart and calling my name.

Next my eyes saw a vision, as my soul began to sing,

Of the kind and fair woman, Brigid of the Spring!

Her hair red as fire, Her skin white as milk,

Her hands strong as iron, but her touch soft as silk.

“Arise anruth,” she said “And hear my voice.

For the pain you’ve endured was of your own choice.

Your seed would have grown but you just wouldn’t see.

You vainly tried to force it when you should have let it be.

For no one can make time march any faster

And life is a mystery that no one can master.

Don’t live in regret because life is too dear.

You must learn to live with the Wheel of the Year.

To taste the apples of Autumn, to go dancing in Spring

To light the hearth in Winter, to hear the Summer Sun sing.

Be content in every moment and banish your doubt.

Soon you will see that your seed has sprout

And your tree will grow taller than you ever did dream

And drop its hazelnuts into your stream.”

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